Annual Scholastic Awards
Bella Napoli Restaurant
Bloomfield, NJ

Cedar Grove Chapter of UNICO awards scholarships to local students graduating from high school on any given year. UNICO National was founded 90 years ago on the idea of giving back to the local community and awarding scholarships to local students and is the foundation of Cedar Grove UNICO's commitment. Our scholarship awardees represent the best and brightest students of Italian heritage that are pursuing their education at many colleges and universities. Typically four $1000 scholarships are awarded yearly. It is with much pride that we are able to help the next generation.

The scholarships are awarded in honor of past UNICO members who contributed greatly to the Cedar Grove community and our local chapter. 

The Scholarships are given as follows:

  • The AL Zatorski Scholarship is given in recognition to a founding member of our local chapter and to a student who shows a proclivity in the Arts or is intending on majoring in the Arts. The 2016 recipient was awarded to Michael Nicolette. 

  • The Joseph and Grace Maione scholarship is given in recognition of two previous members who helped establish the foundation of our local chapter and is awarded to a student achieving outstanding academic achievement. The 2016 recipient was awarded to Noelle M. Cancro.

  • The Anthony Ricciardi Scholarship is given in recognition to another founding member of the chapter who also served as Chapter President, District Governor and Eastern Regional Governor. The scholarship is awarded to a student who has excelled in the classroom with emphasis on mathematics. The 2016 recipient was awarded to Lauren M. Turano.

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Joseph & Grace Maione

Anthony Ricciardi

Al Zatorski

Pictured top to bottom is Michael Nicolette with his parents, Lauren Turano with Unico member Dot Ricciardi and Nicole Cancro with her parents.