Cedar Grove UNICO Scholarship Application

Posted by Cedar Grove UNICO on March 1, 2017 at 6:30 PM

Cedar Grove UNICO will award up to four (4) $1000 scholarships as follows:


AWARDS: (3) Three General Academic Achievement Awards in the names of Al Zatorski (Arts), Joseph & Grace Maione and Anthony Ricciardi (Academics) and (1) one Brian Piccolo Scholarship/Athletic Award.


Academic Awards Eligibility: Three (3) Scholarships

1- Applicant must be an Italian American or the child of at least 1 parent of Italian heritage.

2- Applicant must reside in Cedar Grove or attend school in Cedar Grove, New Jersey or be an immediate family member of an active member of Cedar Grove UNICO.

3- Applicant shall be a senior class member who will attend an accredited institution of higher learning or other accredited degree-granting institution in the ensuing year.

4- Financial Need will be considered and the applicant must submit the reason for the need, ages and numbers of any siblings attending school.

5- Extra Curricular Activities and Community Service projects should be detailed as to the activity, length of time involved, hours participated either daily or weekly, the beneficiary and what the applicant learned from the activity. This is to include any clubs, sporting activities and or employment.

6- Children of Cedar Grove UNICO members are eligible. Applicants of those members will be judged according to the same merits as outlined in this document.

7- Applicant will submit a copy of their high school transcript, GPA and SAT or ACT scores.

8- Applicant will submit two letters of recommendations with one coming from a high school teacher or counselor and the other from someone other than a family member. A high school representative must sign all letters of recommendation.

9- Applicant must submit an essay of 250-500 words expressing why they should be considered for this award. If the applicant announces a Major field of study (pg. 3) include why this field of study was chosen. The essay will be typed-double spaced and signed.

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