Columbus Day Essay Contest

A yearly tradition Cedar Grove UNICO sponsors an essay contest in honor of Columbus. Cedar Grove UNICO is an Italian American organization which sponsors various charitable projects which have directly benefited Cedar Grove Students over the years. The contest is open to all sixth grade students at the Memorial Middle school and St. Catherine's Parochial School.

The essays will be judged by committee members from Cedar Grove UNICO. The winners each will receive $100.00 .Awards will be presented to the students at a ceremony held in their honor at the Cedar Grove Library.

Two of the following five questions must be addressed in the essay:

1. Research Columbus' early life. What type of education did he receive that would have prepared him to undertake
    his voyages?
2. What economic considerations prompted Queen Isabella's sponsorship of Columbus' journey?
3. What character traits do you think Columbus needed to possess in order to succeed in his journeys? Please 
4. When Columbus returned from his voyage in 1492, he was greeted as a hero. Research his later life. What
    conclusions can you draw about "instant fame"?
5. Columbus discovered a "new world". Our US space program also discovered a "new world". Can you compare
    and contrast the two?

Participants will be evaluated on overall presentation, grammer skill-sets such as punctuation and spelling and how best these questions reflected the true meaning of Columbus Day.

Chairperson Cheri DiPrenda stated "This is a wonderful way to combine history with a fun educational project."